Tournaments will be played on the following five courses:

1.       Castle Ashdown

2.       Champion Road

3.       Desert Canyon

4.       Monteray

5.       Izanami Golf

Anyone can submit his candidacy to the league. Match results will be counted only after the registration of the player . The list of people playing in the league and match results will be placed on the board in the clubhouse and on the website.



1 Everyone has the right to ask to be put on a list of players .

2 List is at the front desk.

3  Entry to the list of players and results can only be made ​​by the Pro .

4 Competitions take place in the designated format .

5 Competitions are held on designated courses .

6 The scores of  matches played on other courses  will not be taken into account.



   Winners will be selected in the following categories:

    a / Member of the Club

    b / guest                      

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