Requests to  participate can be notified in the front desk of the Clubhouse.



1 Candidate may report their attendance until December 15, 2013

2 People playing in the league and match results will be placed on the board in the clubhouse .

3 The structure and rules of the League are similar to a football league table.

4 Everyone has the right to ask to be put on a list of players .

5 List is at the reception .





1 Competitions take place in the match play format .

2 With one opponent, each competitor plays one match.

3 The player must respond to the call of the opponent within 14 days.

4 The delay of the player to the start that is over 5 minutes will result in disqualification from the match.

5 Unjustified refusal to play will result in disqualification of the opponent in two matches .

6 Each player can set the time table , where it cannot play the match.

7 Total break time cannot exceed 30 days per year.

8 A player may refuse to play matches only in justified cases such as playing another tournament on the same day or the round with another player .


Winners will be selected in two categories:

    a/ Member of the Club

    b / guest


    For the validity of the card at least one of the players must be a member of the Club

    The victory gives two points , a draw one . Player disqualified


    receives one negative point .

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